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How to Reach Pawna Lake Camping: Let’s Plan out Your Next Trip!

Every once in a while, we all have the urge to embrace the beauties of nature, and the best way to do it is to travel and explore. So, if you’re in that phase, we highly recommend you to travel to Pawna Lake Camping, an alluring retreat from today’s fast-paced life, located in the beautiful state of Maharashtra, precisely, it is a well-known camping spot near Pune, located 10 kilometers away from Kamshet on the old Mumbai – Pune highway.

Now that we’ve unleashed a spark inside you to explore Pawna Lake, you must be wondering, “How to reach Pawna Lake from Pune?” or “What’s the Pawna Lake distance from Pune or Mumbai?” or “How do we book camping tickets?” Well, don’t worry; we got you covered with this comprehensive guide.

How to reach Pawna Lake camping from Mumbai?

Before we start on our expedition, let’s revise ourselves with the geography. This captivating destination spreads its invitation to travelers from the bustling metropolises of Mumbai and Pune, situated approximately some kilometers distance from both urban hubs.

From Mumbai, it is around 111 km and there are mainly two routes one can follow:

Dudhiware Khind Route:

Mumbai –> Lonavala (Kumar resort) –> Bhangarwadi –> Kurvande Route –> Pawna lake : 111 km

This might be the shortest route from Mumbai but road conditions are not good from Lonavala and may present some challenges. Even if the road combines the thrill of twists and turns around the road, there is no deficiency of beautiful surroundings.

Kamshet route

Mumbai –> Lonavala (Old Mumbai-Pune highway) –> Kamshet –> Pavananagar –> Pawna lake : 136 km

How to reach Pawna Lake camping from Pune?

Kamshet Route

Pune –> Dehu Road –> Kamshet –> Pawnanagar –> Chavsar->Pawna Lake : 82 km : Average road

Lonavala Route

Pune –> Dehu Road –> Kamshet –> Lonavala –> Kurvande->Pawna Lake : 96 km 

What are Public Transports Available?

Now that you’re armed with information on routes and distances, let’s embark on a journey to Pawna Lake for a delightful camping experience. The most convenient way to travel to Pawna Lake is by utilizing public transport available in Mumbai and Pune.

  1. For residents traveling from Mumbai to Pawna Lake, take the express train to Lonavala, and from there, hire a private jeep to Pawna Lake.
    • Mumbai -> Lonavala (via express train)
    • Lonavala -> Pawna Lake (via private jeep)
  2. For Pune residents, the journey starts from the vibrant hills, for Pune to Pawna Lake, the recommended route is to take the local train to Kamshet and hire a private jeep to Pawna Lake.
    • Pune -> Kamshet (via local train)
    • Kamshet -> Pawna Lake (via private jeep)

Lonavala Station to Pawna Lake

Train enthusiasts opting to cover their Lonavala to Pawna Lake distance can find themselves seamlessly connected to Pawna Lake. Just a short drive, through landscapes transitioning from the familiar to the sublime, setting the stage for a lakeside adventure.

The distance from Lonavala and Kamshet to Pawna Lake is similar, approximately 17 to 20 km. The train frequency is around 45 minutes, so choosing between these routes is a matter of personal preference. Concerned about the cost of a private jeep? On average, the charge for a one-way private jeep hire is Rs. 1350 from either Lonavala or Kamshet, and you can find these hires outside their respective railway stations.

Western ghats are filled with beautiful nature-filled locations and if we talk about Maharashtra, nothing beats Pawna Lake. Escaping those boring cubicles is the best, though choosing the right escape route is also very important. Planning your trip to some beautiful landscapes can be a handful of tasks but with this comprehensive guide, you can enjoy every step of the way and embrace the magic that awaits at Pawna Lake.

Now you are armed with this information, it’s time to pack your bags and set out to explore the serene waters of Pawna Lake. May your journey be as amazing as the destination itself!


  1. Can we go to Pawna Lake by train?

    Well, there isn't a direct train station at Pawna Lake, you can take a train journey to Lonavala from both Mumbai and Pune. Lonavala serves as a convenient transit point, and from there, you can enjoy the natural and misty shores of Pawna Lake by hiring a private jeep. The train ride adds a touch of anticipation to your adventure, offering fantastic glimpses of the Western Ghats' scenic beauty before you reach your final destination.

  2. How to reach Pawna Lake by public transport?

    For those opting for public transport, the most accessible route involves taking a train to Lonavala from either Mumbai or Pune. Once you arrive in Lonavala, private jeeps are readily available to take you on the last leg of your journey to Pawna Lake direction. This mode of transportation not only ensures convenience but also affordability.

  3. Where is Pawna Lake located?

    Situated as a hill station in the state of Maharashtra, Pawna Lake is situated approximately 10 kilometers away from Kamshet on the old Mumbai-Pune highway. Surrounded by the stunning Western Ghats, it's a serene oasis that offers its travelers a moment of retreat from the urban hustle.

  4. How far is Pawna Lake from Lonavala by train?

    The distance from Lonavala to Pawna Lake is around 30 kilometers. To commence this journey, take a train from either Mumbai or Pune to Lonavala. Once you arrive in Lonavala, the next phase involves hiring a private jeep, allowing you to enjoy a nature-filled experience from the train ride to Pawna Lake camping.

  5. How to go to Pawna from Mumbai?

    For the Mumbai to Pawna Lake distance, you have two primary routes to consider. The Dudhiware Khind route spans 105 kilometers, presenting the shortest option. On the other hand, the Kamshet route covers a slightly longer distance of 122 kilometers but offers a smoother road quality. Choose the route that aligns with your preferences, and relish the scenic drive as you approach the captivating Pawna Lake.

  6. How is the road to Pawna Lake?

    While the Dudhiware Khind route is shorter, it is essential to note that the road conditions may be challenging around Lonavala. In contrast, the Kamshet route, though slightly longer, offers a more comfortable drive with better road quality. Regardless of your chosen route, the journey to Pawna Lake promises the best views of the Western Ghats, creating a memorable journey to the main destination. 

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