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Destination Lonavala

Lonavala, a famous hill station at such an elevation of 2,047 feet above sea level, is a romantic retreat from the chaos and noise of city life. Its pleasant climate, magnificent splendor, historical forts, ancient caves, and beautiful lakes make it India's most popular tourist spot.

This hill station, known as the 'Jewel of Sahyadri' and the 'Caves City,' has phenomenal surroundings that include luscious green valleys, breathtaking waterfalls, serene lakes, and remarkable caves. There are numerous locations to explore in Lonavala, including historical sites, scenic beauty, religious attractions, and so on

Apart from all these features, Lonavala is well connected with all modes of transport in major commercial cities of Maharashtra. It’s always cool weather and natural peace and normal life quotient are the major attractions for the place.

Anyone who first ever visits Lonavala, becomes a fan of the place to revisit each time in a longer run.

Jannat Villa in Lonavala

Experience luxury living in Lonavala at our prime villa for rent. This villa boasts three air-conditioned bedrooms and offers additional sleeping arrangements for drivers or servers. Check-in time for Jannat Villa is at 1 PM, and checkout is at 11 AM. This property falls under the category of villas with a private swimming pool in Lonavala, ensuring you have exclusive access to this refreshing amenity.

The other main facilities are:

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